Day One

First day of a month’s worth of dedication awaiting. We got spam, we got sweet stories (and some porn too), we got friends telling you how awesome you are, we got weird music. And here’s a taste:

By adriannasaran on Youtube.

(Oh my god our song is so fucking gay.)

From Esha:

“Jules is like a guardian angel who gives her all to those she loves and is there when most needed. Her capacity for care is unparallelled and I only wish to be lucky enough to find someone as pure in love as she. You are a lucky man All. So I hop genuinely she has a great birthday from big sis to my baby sister.”

And your square:

Me; LP; Ricky Martin; “Fuck normality”; Bennoda.
Tulips; guy-on-guy; Bruno Mars; your love picture from dA (so pretty); bunny rabbit.
Shane; American flag; “I got a friction addiction”; Portugal flag; Joe.
Adam Lambert; “lesbian and proud”; Prison Break; Harry Potter; Michael Bublé.
Hodgins; milk and cookies; Bradford; my hands (XD); the night sky.

I love you cupcake. ❤


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