Day Five: Part Two of Your Story

It was a black day, the kind of day that starts most tragic stories, but this isn’t a sob story. This is a love story.

The third day after our tour cycle, I ended up at Mike’s. He had texted me, just a simple text saying “need you”. I had assumed he meant what we had been doing during the tour, so naturally I rushed over to his house. When I got there, though, I knew it was different. Something had happened. I could tell because his garage door was open–he never left it open. He only leaves it open to paint, and even then it’s still closed halfway.

I parked my car in the street, not even realizing that a car was missing from the driveway.

“Mike!” I called.

“Yeah.” I heard a single word as I tramped through the door.

He was sitting on the floor against his couch. He didn’t look sick, just completely beside himself.

“Anna…” he started before looking up at me with tears running down his cheeks.

Then I knew.

“Oh Mike.” Within an instant he was in my lap, my arms tight around him to hold his body still as he sobbed.

“I don’t…” He shook his head; I nodded. I understood.

“it’s okay. It’s okay,” I said, trying to calm him down.

His sobbing quickened before it slowed down, and I managed to find his eyes as my hands ran up and down his sides soothingly. “Tell me what happened, mike.”

He nodded and sat up a little, his eyes looking down from mine as he spoke. “S-she knew, she found my phone, she found the t-texts, Brad she saw what I say to you, I–” He sniffed and cried louder.

I held him closer as he crumbled. “Mike–”

“I really loved her, not like that but I did, and now I don’t know what to do, I don’t know, Brad tell me what to do!” he sputtered, clutching my shirt in his fists.

“Mike, calm down.” I wiped his tears and sat up so we were on the couch, him still in my lap. “It’ll be okay. Everything is okay.”

“No, it’s not!” he said angrily, and I flinched. “My wife just left me!”

I was silent for a few moments, sitting there staring at him as he stared daggers into my eyes. “But I’m still here.”

Then it was his turn to be silent, and I saw his anger dissipate and he looked down at his hands.

“Why did you ask me to come, Mike?” I whispered, trying to figure out what was going on.

“because I need you.” He looked up at me and stroked my cheek.

“I’m here,” I said simply, and at that moment both of us melted as our lips met. He sniffed and pulled away, only to straddle me properly, his hands on either side of me. He pressed his lips against mine and my hands found his hips, and we stayed still like that for a while, only our lips moving to caress each other.

“Brad I need you,” he mumbled into my lips, and my eyes opened; his were still closed but I could feel the desperation in him. I nodded and ran my hands up his back, under his shirt, pressing his body into mine. My heart thudded in my chest as I realized how right it felt.

The kiss became more passionate as our shirts fell to the floor, and when I latched onto his neck, he threw his head back and rocked into me, banging our erections together. With unprecedented skill, I took off his pants and boxers and unbuttoned my own so we could be skin-to-skin. This made him moan and thrust harder into me, and I sucked and bit on his nipple as he grabbed the lube out of my pocket. He poured it and spread it over my cock, teasing his own as well, and suddenly he was on me, I was inside, and it was intense, the most intense feeling I’ve ever had. He choked on air and trembled, his face against mine so his mouth was by my ear.

“Take me,” he gasped, and I did.

We made love for hours after that, each time closer to his bedroom because we were trying to get there, and each time he looked at me just that way and I ended up hard and inside again.

After the third time in his bed, I felt like I was going to die I was so exhausted, but I was too wired emotionally to even think about sleeping. Instead, I rolled until Mike was on top of me, still inside him, and looked up at him, my hands running all over his back.

He looked so sleepy, so peaceful and at ease on top of me, his hands on my chest, his hair partly matted to his forehead and partly sticking up, his ass clinging intimately to my soft dick. He trembled a little, just barely, and his eyes slid closed. I squeezed him in my arms. “Hey,” I mumbled, shaking him a little. “No don’t go to sleep. We need to talk.”

He groaned and sat up a little. “‘Mmm suck screw…Brad.”

I giggled. “What was that?”

His eyes were still closed. “Mmph kip and hmm.”

I laughed and kissed him, making sure to run my tongue slowly against his, almost mimicking what I would do if I ever rimmed him. This woke him up, at least a little, because I felt his ass squeeze and he sat up even more, kissing me desperately.

I pulled away to see him pout, but I was satisfied that he was woken up.

“What do you want to talk about?” he mumbled and moved his hips a little.

“Do you love me?”

This made him sit up all the way. “Yes of course.” he spread his legs and laid over me again. “More than anything.”

I smiled and cupped his ass. “Can we be together, then?” He moaned at my action and I felt my dick stir a bit.

“What do you m-…” He shut his eyes for a second and shook. “Mean?”

I wrapped my arms around him and pulled his body to mine, my lips finding their way to his ear. “Come live with me, Mike,” I said quietly, making sure to run my tongue along his lobe as I spoke.

“Uh huh.” His hips started rocking against mine very slowly. I stilled his hips and pulled back to look at him.

“We’re free now, Mike.”

He froze and visibly melted. “Not totally free, t-though…”

I shook my head and pushed my hips into his, kissing him languidly. “As long as we love each other, Mike, we’re always free.”


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