Part Three of Your Story

It was a black day, the kind of day that starts most tragic stories, but this isn’t a sob story. This is a love story.

After our fourth show in the tour cycle, Mike and I ended up back in our hotel room. Within minutes we were both naked in my bed, under the covers. I was on top of him so our bodies were flush, and his tongue was in my mouth, every second making me hotter than before.

“Brad.” He pulled away from the kiss and cupped my cheek; I could see the love in his eyes and I melted against him.

“Yeah,” I breathed, my heart racing.

“Take me…take me to our place.” His eyes were so clear, so big, telling me how much he needed me. I needed him too.

I nodded, kissing him again softly, lingering for a few moments. “I love you.”

He nodded and swallowed, which I knew was because he was about to cry. “Take me, Brad. I need you.”

I inhaled sharply and crushed our lips together, taking everything I could from him. I knew what he meant, without him even saying so.

Like our first time back in grade school, I slid down his body, spreading his legs gently. “It will hurt a little but it’ll feel better, I promise,” I said to him, just like the first time, kissing the inside of his thighs.

Our lube was on the dresser, and quickly enough my hand was coated. Just as I licked along his shaft, I pressed one finger in, making sure to look up at him.

He hissed and arched his back, sweat building on his forehead already. His hands held onto my head and pushed me down a little; I loved when he took control like that, and immediately I deep-throated him, adding another finger and twisting it to hit his spot.

“Oh! God.” He panted and whimpered my name, thrusting his hips into my mouth and then down onto my fingers. I relaxed my throat, although somehow, in some sadistic way, I loved being gagged. “Brad, right there, oh…”

I moaned and added a third finger, beginning to feel impatient as I felt him clench around me and heard him whimper.

I sat up, removing my fingers and my mouth, sliding back up him. Instantly our lips found each other’s and I grinded against him slowly but hard. He pulled back from the kiss, his hips bucking against mine, and soon I felt a lubed hand on my dick, pulling me towards him. My mouth hung open and I gritted my teeth as the slow burn found its way to my stomach.

Satisfied with lubricating me, he rolled his hips up and wrapped his legs around my lower back. I groaned as I felt his hole right at the tip of my cock.

“Now,” he said, commanding me.

“Are you sure?” My eyes found his, and without answering he dug his heels into my ass, causing me to buck forward, and I slid in him, balls deep. “Oh…Mike.”

He nodded and bit his lip, and instantly I was brought back to the first time.


“Mike, we don’t have to do this…” My voice shook with arousal as I was inside him from the first time–only halfway, because he stopped me before I could go all the way in, but still, just the feeling left me breathless and senseless.

“No, no. Brad I want you.” His lip quivered and he swallowed, a sign he wanted to cry, so I kissed him as tenderly as possible.

He wrapped his arms around me tightly, and I could feel him kiss back and melt into me, letting go a little.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t, just…” He ran his hands down my back to my ass. “Kiss me.” And with one movement he pulled my hips forward so I was fully sheathed in him.

I gasped and without a hint of hesitation pressed my lips to his, kissing him as lovingly as I had the first time. I did that thing with my tongue that I knew he liked and he moaned, whimpering a little, which was a sound he’d never made before.

As soon as I heard it I pulled back, convinced he was really hurt. I scanned his face for any signs, but couldn’t tell because it could have been pain or pleasure written there. “Oh god, Mike, I’m sorry I’m sorry,” I muttered quickly and pulled out, kissing him softly to try to ease the pain, but with his hands on my ass he thrust me back in, whimpering loudly and arching into me. Confused, I pulled away from the kiss to find his eyes shut tight and his mouth open, not getting any air in. “Mike?”

He opened his eyes slowly and I could see the pure arousal in them. He smiled softly, but twitched a little and closed his eyes again. “Oh god Brad right there don’t stop ohhh…”

“Good?” The way his walls hugged and squeezed my dick was unlike anything I had ever felt, and soon my hips were itching to move. I pulled out and thrust back in slowly, but again he forced me back in hard. “Oh god Mike.” The sound that came from his mouth, that high-pitched whimper, sent chills down my spine and I shuddered, wanting, needing, to do anything to hear more of that sound.

Soon we were fucking, really fucking in every sense of the word. His hands on my ass controlled the speed, but I was able to control how hard, and with time I forgot his virginity and fucked him harder and harder. He was whimpering, oh god he was whimpering, almost whining, and one hand left my ass to jerk himself off. The thought of that, and the sight and sound of it, sent me over the edge and I came so hard in him, rocking my hips slowly. Soon I was aware of other parts of my body and realized he had came too, and we were kissing, kissing and sweating and I was so deep inside him I felt like we were one, and I collapsed on top of him and squeezed him tight, and that was the moment I knew I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life.


I was brought back to the present when Mike licked my lips. “Brad where did you go?” he asked softly, stroking my cheek.

I smiled down at him, shifting my hips a little. “Just thinking about our first time.” My eyes softened, and I melted even more so into him. “Does it hurt?”

He grinned, squeezing my ass. “Kiss me,” he stated and consequently I pulled out and he pulled me back in harshly. My lips found his as I moaned, and soon we were moving together, at his pace, just the way he likes it.

Oxygen was seriously lacking from my lungs, so I pulled away, resting my weight on my forearms on either side of him. I could feel it, feel my orgasm slowly building up, and as I simply stared at the love of my life, that spot in me stirred faster. His breath fanned my lips, his eyes boring into my soul. I could see, see it in his eyes how much he loved me. He was my everything.

I was broken from my train of thought as he whimpered lowly, trembling in my arms. His hand moved from my ass to his own dick, stroking himself slowly, teasingly. He liked it like this, liked the contrast of me fucking his brains out and his own slow movements on his cock.

Watching him pleasure himself pushed me over the edge, and my hips were soon moving on their own erratically. “Mike…fuck fuck,” I mumbled incoherently, focusing on my hips moving in and out of him and his hand between us.

Testing the waters, I ran one hand over his chest, his beautiful milky chest, and pinched his nipple softly before letting my hand grace over his on his dick. He whimpered, a good sign, and I felt his other hand leave my ass and simply clutch my arm.

The simple gesture of giving me complete control melted my insides and within a few thrusts it was happening, the light behind my eyes and no oxygen and crying out and letting go and just releasing and he screamed and I felt it between us and I fell on top of him, still inside him, not able to leave when his walls squeezed me like that. It was a warmth I’ve never found anywhere else, not that I’d want to, and it made me feel alive and dead and careless and so incredibly in love I could cry.

“Mike…Mike…” I muttered over and over, kissing every inch of his face as my chest heaved. He smiled, his eyes closed tight, his hair messed up from our activities and his face flushed. As soon as he opened his eyes and looked at me, that gaze that killed me every time, my heart leaped out of my chest and I cupped his cheek, kissing him desperately.

“I love you so much,” he stated simply, and the words that had been said at least a million times still turned me to mush.

“I love you so much too.”


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